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PHP and Excel


Many of my customers hold data in Excel files. Then, when they decide to build a web based, database driven project controlled by PHP, ask me to move their Excel data into the MySQL. Whether it’s possible and how to do it, will be the content of this post.

Since the PHP allows you to create an OLE compatible COM object with its methods and properties, the solution is more than easy. All you need is take a brief look into the PHP COM Manual Pages to be able to understand the following explanatory example. I wrote this code as a PHP CLI script which seems to me more usable for interaction with other applications.

Before we start, let’s introduce input parameter of the function which is responsible for data retrieve from an Excel file and output it as a matrix, representing the Excel table.

  • $file - (string) absolute path to the Excel data file
  • $sheet - (int) order number of the sheet which data we want to extract
  • $rows - (array) rows selected from the sheet
  • $cols - (array) columns selected from the sheet

The names of variables were selected to represent their meaning (semantic names) and facilitate the understanding of script work. But if you’re still confused of input parameters or output, don’t be affraid, following examples will clarify it more. So, let’s move forward to the PHP and Excel interaction.

function getDataFromExcel($file, $sheet, $rows, $cols)
fwrite(STDOUT, "----------------------------------------\r\n");
$excel = new COM("Excel.application") or die ("ERROR: Unable to instantaniate COM!\r\n");
fwrite(STDOUT, "Application name: {$excel->Application->value}\r\n") ;
fwrite(STDOUT, "Loaded version: {$excel->Application->version}\r\n");
fwrite(STDOUT, "----------------------------------------\r\n\r\n");

$Workbook = $excel->Workbooks->Open($file) or die("ERROR: Unable to open " . $file . "!\r\n");
$Worksheet = $Workbook->Worksheets($sheet);
$i = 0;
foreach ($rows as $row)
$i++; $j = 0;
foreach ($cols as $col)
$cell = $Worksheet->Range($col . $row);
$matrix[$i][$j] = $cell->value;


return $matrix;

Now, when the key function is defined we can fire an extraction and insertion process:

// define inputs
$xls_path = "C:\\Users\\Johny\\Documents\\Business\\excel_data.xls"; // input file
$xls_sheet = 1; // sheet #1 from file excel_data.xls
$xls_rows = range(2, 270, 1); // I want extract rows 2 - 270 from excel_data.xls with step 1 row
$xls_cols = array("A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F"); // I want to extract columns A - F from excel_data.xls

// initiate MySQL connection
mysql_connect("server", "username", "password") or die("Unable to connect MySQL server!");
mysql_select_db("database") or die("Unable to select requested database!");

// retrieve data from excel
$data = getDataFromExcel($xls_path, $xls_sheet, $xls_rows, $xls_cols);

// insert retrieved data into database
foreach ($data as $line)
$i = 0;
foreach ($line as $col => $entry)
// create the SET string for INSERT query
$string .= "`" . $col . "` = '" . $entry . "'";
if ($i < count($line))
$string .= ", ";
mysql_query("INSERT INTO `table` SET " . $string . "");

The stated above example is simplified to emphasize the core of process, not necessary details may lead to unclear interpretation. It is supposed that readers have at least basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL.

So, as you can see there’s pretty simple way how to import data from excel file directly to database using PHP. The PHP COM interface allows you to do the same with many other types of application (Word, PowerPoint, etc.).


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Using Stored procedure with mySQL and PHP


Writing external scripts to perform complex data handling is a tedious affair. The best way to automate tasks straightaway into the server is by using Stored Procedures. It is very useful to make them as flexible as possible, as it facilitates easy identification of any errors and can be used for executing a variety of tasks as well.

What are Stored Procedures?

Stored procedures are set of SQL commands that are stored in the database data server. After the storing of the commands is done, the tasks can be performed or executed continuously, without being repeatedly sent to the server. This also helps in decreasing the traffic in the networks and also reduces the CPU load.

There are many advantages of using stored procedures, which include:

  • The functionality is application and platform related
  • Functionality has to be developed only once, and all applications can call the same commands
  • Task execution becomes easier and less complicated
  • Network Traffic reduced to a greater extent
  • Centralization of all commands made possible, which is helpful for various applications that repeatedly call the same set of complicated commands
  • Runs on any kind of environment

MySQL Stored Procedures

For few years, Oracle and Microsoft SQL servers were having one upper hand over MySQL by having the facility to use the advantage of Stored Procedures. But this advantage has become a thing of the past now. With MySQL 5, you can use Stored Procedures the way you have been utilizing with other servers.

The syntax for using Stored Procedures is as follows:

Syntax for Stored Procedures

    [DEFINER = { user | CURRENT_USER }]
    PROCEDURE sp_name ([proc_parameter[,...]])
    [characteristic ...] routine_body 
    [DEFINER = { user | CURRENT_USER }]
    FUNCTION sp_name ([func_parameter[,...]])
    RETURNS type
    [characteristic ...] routine_body    
    [ IN | OUT | INOUT ] param_name type    
    param_name type 
    Any valid MySQL data type 
  | COMMENT 'string' 
    Valid SQL procedure statement


MySQL Stored Procedures can be applied in absolutely any place. Right from complex applications to simple procedures, these stored procedures can be utilized in absolutely any place.

Few of the many places that MySQL Stored procedures can be used are:

  • When diverse client applications are structured using various languages in different platforms
  • When security is of highest importance, like in financial institutions, the users and applications would have no direct access to the database tables. This provides excellent secured environment.
  • When very few database servers service the client machines, thereby providing efficient performance

Though not as mature as Oracle, DB2 or the SQL Server, the MySQL Stored Procedures is definitely worth a try. If the structure of the database is the same, the same stored procedures can be used for all.

A simple example for MySQL Stored Procedure

To calculate the area of a circle with given radius R, the following commands can be given

delimiter //

create function Area (R double) returns double



declare A double;

set A = R * R * pi();

return A;



delimiter ;

And to call it from php code to display the area of a circle with radius 22cm,

$rs_area = mysql_query(“select Area(22)”);

$area = mysql_result($rs_area,0,0);

echo “The area of the circle with radius 22cm is ”.$area.” sq.cm”;



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POSIX Regular Expressions in PHP


Regular expression is the basic functionality of pattern comparison. PHP offers two sets of functions for regular expressions - POSIX style and Perl style. Both types have their unique syntax and this post should give basic overview of the POSIX one.

Regular expression (called regex) is nothing more just sequence of characters (called pattern) which is compared agains a text in which we search. Patterns contain a combination of metacharacters and literals. Metacharacters (also called operators) define how literals (also called constants) should be treated on pattern evaluation against evaluated expression. For example, POSIX pattern [a-z0-9] which determines valid expression containig lowercase letters or number 0-9 has two metacharacters (opening square bracket and closing square bracket) and two literal ranges (a-z and 0-9, also called classes). In other words, literal means character itself whilst metacharacter means control character. Why it’s so important to distinguish between metacharacters and literals? The reason is that if you need to use metacharacters in pattern as a literal you must precede it by \ (backslash), very often said: it must be escaped. For example, if you need to add a dot in the regular expression pattern and don’t want to use this dot as a control character with meaning “any character” it is necessary to escape it - use it with backslash (see the table below for an example).

Following table lists POSIX metacharacters:

Metacharacter Description Example
^ matches the starting position within the string ^(([A-Za-z0-9_-]+)…
. matches any one character a.c matches “abc”
* matches the preceding element zero or more times ab*c matches “ac”, “abc”, “abbbc”
[xyz]* matches “”, “x”, “y”, “z”, “zx”, “zyx”, “xyzzy”
+ matches the preceding element one or more times ba+ matches “ba”, “baa”, “baaa”
? matches the preceding element zero or one time ba? matches “b” or “ba”
{m,n} matches the preceding element at least m and not more than n times {3,5} matches only “aaa”, “aaaa”, and “aaaaa”
() defines a marked subexpression ^(([A-Za-z0-9_-]+)[.]([A-Za-z0-9_-]+))+$
[] defines a class of characters [0-9] matches any one number (range class)
[a.c] matches only “a” or “.” or “c” (list class)
[^] matches a single character that is not contained within the brackets [^abc] matches any char other than “a”, “b”, or “c”
[^a-z] matches any single char that is not a lowercase letter from “a” to “z”
$ matches the ending position of the string or the position just before a string-ending newline …[.]([A-Za-z0-9_-]+))+$
| matches either the expression before or the expression after the operator abc|def matches “abc” or “def”
\ changes metacharacter to literal (.+) matches any expression containing at least one arbitrary character
(\.+) matches any expression containing at least one dot character

Following table lists POSIX character classes for more comfortable programming:

Class Description Alternative
[:alpha:] uppercase and lowercase letters [A-Za-z]
[:alnum:] uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers [A-Za-z0-9]
[:cntrl:] control characters like TAB, ESC or Backspace -
[:digit:] numbers from zero to nine [0-9]
[:graph:] ASCII (33-126) printable characters -
[:lower:] lowercase letters [a-z]
[:punct:] punctual characters: ~`!@#$%^&*()-_+={}[]:;’<>,.?/ -
[:upper:] uppercase letters [A-Z]
[:space:] empty characters like space, newline, carriage return -
[:xdigit:] hexadecimal numbers [a-fA-F0-9]

This table lists PHP POSIX regex functions:

Prototype Description
int ereg (string $pattern, string $string [, array &$regs]) Searches a string for matches to the regular expression given in pattern in a case-sensitive way.
int eregi (string $pattern, string $string [, array &$regs]) This function is identical to ereg() except that it ignores case distinction when matching alphabetic characters.
string ereg_replace (string $pattern, string $replacement, string $string) This function scans string for matches to pattern, then replaces the matched text with replacement.
string eregi_replace (string $pattern, string $replacement, string $string) This function is identical to ereg_replace() except that ignores case distinction when matching alphabetic chars.
array split (string $pattern, string $string [, int $limit]) Splits a string into array by regular expression.
array spliti (string $pattern, string $string [, int $limit]) This function is identical to split() except that this ignores case distinction when matching alphabetic characters.
string sql_regcase (string $string) Creates a regular expression for a case insensitive match.

Regular expressions are very usefull when we need to check some user inputs. If you have a contact form on your site which contains mandatory e-mail address field, how would you check whether user input string has valid e-mail format? Use regular expression match! Here are some examples for better understanding:

  • ^(([A-Za-z0-9_-]+)[.]([A-Za-z0-9_-]+))+$ : matches a hostname expression (hostname.example.com)
  • ^([0-9]{1,3})\.([0-9]{1,3})[.]([0-9]{1,3})\.([0-9]{1,3})$ : matches an IP address (
  • ^([A-Za-z0-9._-]+)@([A-Za-z0-9._-]+)[.]([a-z]{2,4})$ : matches an e-mail address (mailbox@example.com)

Maybe you have noticed that sometimes there is a choice how to write regular expression pattern. In the first and third example above the dot character is expressed as a member of list class [.] whilst in the second example (IP address regexp) the dot is expressed as an escaped metacharacter \. at some places (this was done for demonstration purposes).

Another very important detail which should be noted is the fact that if you need to use metacharacters in a range class or list class it must be placed at the end of a content of such class, right before closing square bracket [... _-].

You can play with staed above examples by pasting the following code into a regexp.php file and run it in a browser:

POSIX Regexp Tester

Enter String:

Select Pattern:


IP Address

Email Address

' . $pattern . '
echo 'String: ' . $string . '


echo 'Match: ';
if (ereg($pattern, $string))
echo 'OK';
echo 'WRONG';

I hope this post gave you at least basic overview of POSIX regular expressions and their use in PHP. In some of future articles we will take a look at Perl style regular expressions.


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Using the PHP Include Command


This tutorial will teach you the very basics on how to use a PHP #include command. The #include command is used to insert the content of an external HTML page into an existing PHP page. For example, the header and footer of this page you are reading right now are actually external files which are loaded into the page when you request the server to display the page. Using this technique makes it easier to update the header of all the pages of our website by simple updating a single included header file without having to update any code in any of our pages.

This technique can be used anyone without having any advanced PHP knowledge. This tutorial will teach you how to use this command.

Our tutorial is divided into two main sections:

  • Server Requirements
  • Code Implementation

Server Requirements

In order to run this command you will need to have PHP installed on your server. You can check this with your hosting service provider. Any modern version of PHP will be sufficient to execute this command. Other than that, there are no specific server requirements.

Code Implimentation

We are going to create a very simple example in which a HOME page includes a HEADER into it. This means that we are going to need two pages the HOME page and teh HEADER page.

We will start off with the header page. Using any web editing tool, simply create an HTML page with the following content:

Oman3D - The Creative Adventure!

Note that you do not need to create a proper HTML file with ,

, or tags, simply because our header page will not be displayed by the browser by itself and instead it will be included as part of our HOME page.

Save this file as header.html.

It is now time to create our HOME page. Using any web editing tool, create an HTML page with the following code:

My Oman3D Homepage/title> <br /> </head> <br /> <br /> <body> <br /> <br /> </body> <br /> <br /> </html> </div> <p>Our page does not have anything in it yet other than the page title tag. We are now going to add our #include command in the body of the page:</p> <div class="code"><html> <br /> <head> <br /> <title>My Oman3D Homepage/title> <br /> </head> <br /> <br /> <body> <br /> <strong><?php include("header.php"); ?></strong> <br /> </body> <br /> <br /> </html> </div> <p>That should insert our header at the start of our body when our page is displayed on the server. If you want to have other content in your page you can simply insert it below that tag.</p> <div class="code"><html> <br /> <head> <br /> <title>My Oman3D Homepage/title> <br /> </head> <br /> <br /> <body> <br /><?php include("header.php"); ?> <br /> <strong><h2>Welcome!</h2> <br /> <p>Thanks for visiting my website, I hope that you have a great time here!</p></strong> <br /> </body> <br /> <br /> </html> </div> <p>That should do it. You now have to save this file as <em>home.php</em>. You file <strong>MUST END WITH THE .PHP EXTENSION FOR THE SERVER TO PROCESS THE COMMAND. DO NOT FORGET THIS.</strong></p> <p>That should do it, you will not be able to test this command on your computer unless if you have a PHP server installed. The easiest way to try this is to upload it to your server. Simply upload both files to the same directory and then access <em>home.php</em> to see the content of your <em>header.html</em> file displayed in there along with your home page content!</p> <p>This concludes our tutorial. I hope that you learnt something new from it. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them at <span style="text-decoration: underline;">the forum</span>.</p> <p>- End of Tutorial</p></span> <br /><span class="fullpost"> <br /> <br /> </span> <a href='http://blogerdesign.blogspot.com/2009/01/using-php-include-command.html'><strong>ReadMore...</strong></a></p> </div> <div style='clear: both;'></div> <div class='bottom'></div> </div> </div> <div class='block center'> <div class='header'> <p class='date'>1:03:00 AM</p> <p class='comments'><a href='http://blogerdesign.blogspot.com/2009/01/using-codeigniter-for-php-application.html#comment-form' onclick=''>(0) Comments </a></p> <p class='c'></p> </div> <div class='wrap'> <div class='top_post'> <h3><a href='http://blogerdesign.blogspot.com/2009/01/using-codeigniter-for-php-application.html'>Using Codeigniter for PHP application development</a></h3> <div class='meta'> <p class='author'>design</p> <p class='tags'><a href='http://blogerdesign.blogspot.com/search/label/Php' rel='tag'>Php</a> </p> <p class='c'></p> </div> </div> <div class='post-header-line-1'></div> <div class='content'> <style>.fullpost{display:none;}</style> <p><p class="textfont">With many software frameworks available online nowadays, with many pros and cons on their side, it has become very important to check out complete details of these frameworks before applying them. Amongst the various kinds of software frameworks, the PHP Framework is more popular nowadays. Being simple to work on and easy to use, PHP frameworks are soon becoming the catchword of software frameworks</p><span class="fullpost"><p class="textfont">There are many advantages of using PHP frameworks:</p> <ul class="sub"><li><span class="textfont">Applications can be built quickly and easily </span> </li><li><span class="textfont">Simple to debug </span> </li><li><span class="textfont">Secured </span> </li><li><span class="textfont">Easy to install and use </span> </li><li class="textfont">Good for applications utilizing multiple platforms</li></ul> <p class="orange_titles">CodeIgniter (CI)</p> <p class="textfont">One of the effective PHP Frameworks is the CodeIgniter. Web applications with advanced features can be readied using the CodeIgniter. Simpler for the beginners, CI follows an MVC (Model View Controller) pattern, thereby enabling in easy learning. Also, due to the usage of conventional PHP coding, the existing codes can be ported using this PHP framework. Also the simplicity with which it works and the speed that it has when compared to the other frameworks, is definitely considerable</p> <p class="orange_heads">Striking features of CodeIgniter</p> <p class="textfont">There are many features that are quite distinguishing, in CI. Few of the most important features are explained below:</p> <h3 class="textfont">User Guide</h3> <p class="textfont">One of the most important features of the CodeIgniter is that it has a very impressive user guide. The way the documentation has been done is simply marvelous and highly useful for coders to know more about the working. </p> <h3 class="textfont">Simplicity</h3> <p class="textfont">CodeIgniter is simple and a major portion of the work gets completed in the controllers and uploading the libraries. Since the workings are clear and open, it is very easy to understand what is happening and therefore, simple to use.</p> <h3 class="textfont">Model Handling</h3> <p class="textfont">While working with models, CodeIgniter uses a straight way of handling. Standard SQL queries can be mimed using few simple commands. Also creation of model objects, loading it and introducing methods to deal with a customized task is also possible. </p> <h3 class="textfont">Data Validation</h3> <p class="textfont">Data validation is a major thing while working on models. Here a validation class is used to validate data. First, few rules are defined and assigned to the object to be validated. The data that is sent through the URL is automatically validated by the validation object. Even certain error messages can also be automated the same way, using data validation class. </p> <p class="textfont">There are many other advantages of using CI:</p> <ul class="sub"><li class="textfont">Migration from one server to another is easier and hassle-free. Also installation is easier as well.</li><li class="textfont">CI is very easy to handle and also to customize. In case a new functionality has to be applied, it can be done without affecting the customization. </li><li><span class="textfont">With MVC based framework, it offers flexibility and easy management </span> </li><li><span class="textfont">Active Record Implementation is simply superb and easy to remember. </span> </li><li><span class="textfont">Configuration and customization of these configuration files are also easy, thus facilitating easy working with various types of developers. </span> </li><li><span class="textfont">The collection of libraries that it posses is also good enough. </span> </li><li class="textfont">And as previously said, awesome documentation of the user guide, which makes any coder easy to use the whole framework. </li></ul> <p class="textfont">Given below is a simple example to display user information from database. Using CodeIgniter, the programmer and designer can simultaneously work on the same project, without having to wait for each other to complete their parts. Here the first part “Create a controller named user.php and store it in Controllers folder” is prepared by the programmer, and the second part “Create a view named user.php and store it in views folder” is prepared by the designers simultaneously.</p> <p class="textfont"> # Create a controller named user.php and store it in Controllers folder</p> <p class="formfont"><!--</p--> <p class="formfont">class User extends Controller {</p> <p class="formfont"> function User()</p> <p class="formfont"> {</p> <p class="formfont"> parent::Controller(); </p> <p class="formfont"> } </p> <p class="formfont"> function view() {</p> <p class="formfont"> $this->load->database(); # This line is not needed if database library is put into autoload</p> <p class="formfont"> $query = $this->db->query("SELECT username, email FROM tbl_users"); </p> <p class="formfont"> if($query->num_rows() >0) {</p> <p class="formfont"> foreach($query->result_array() as $row) {</p> <p class="formfont"> $users[] = $row;</p> <p class="formfont"> }</p> <p class="formfont"> $data['users'] = $users;</p> <p class="formfont"> }</p> <p class="formfont"> </p> <p class="formfont"> $this->load->view('user', $data); </p> <p class="formfont"> }</p> <p class="formfont"> } </p> <p><span class="formfont">?></span> </p> <p><span class="textfont"># Create a view named user.php and store it in views folder</span> </p> <p class="textfont"> <span class="formfont"> <table border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="5"></span></p> <p class="formfont"> <tr></p> <p class="formfont"> <td><b>User Name</b></td></p> <p class="formfont"> <td><b>Email</b></td></p> <p class="formfont"> </tr> </p> <p class="formfont"><!--</p--> <p class="formfont"> if(is_array($users)) { </p> <p class="formfont"> foreach($users as $key => $value) {</p> <p class="formfont"> ?></p> <p class="formfont"> <tr></p> <p class="formfont"> <td><!-- echo $value['username']?--></td></p> <p class="formfont"> <td><!-- echo $value['email']?--></td></p> <p class="formfont"> </tr> </p> <p class="formfont"> <!--</p--> <p class="formfont"> }</p> <p class="formfont"> else {</p> <p class="formfont"> ?></p> <p class="formfont"> <tr><td colspan="2">No users found</td></tr></p> <p class="formfont"> <!-- </p--> <p class="formfont"> }</p> <p class="formfont"> } </p> <p class="formfont">?> </p> <p class="textfont"><span class="formfont"> </table></span> </p><br /><span class="fullpost"></span><br /><br /> </span> <a href='http://blogerdesign.blogspot.com/2009/01/using-codeigniter-for-php-application.html'><strong>ReadMore...</strong></a></p> </div> <div style='clear: both;'></div> <div class='bottom'></div> </div> </div> <div class='block center'> <div class='header'> <p class='date'>12:18:00 AM</p> <p class='comments'><a href='http://blogerdesign.blogspot.com/2009/01/designing-beautiful-interior.html#comment-form' onclick=''>(0) Comments </a></p> <p class='c'></p> </div> <div class='wrap'> <div class='top_post'> <h3><a href='http://blogerdesign.blogspot.com/2009/01/designing-beautiful-interior.html'>Designing a beautiful interior illustration</a></h3> <div class='meta'> <p class='author'>design</p> <p class='tags'><a href='http://blogerdesign.blogspot.com/search/label/Photoshop' rel='tag'>Photoshop</a> </p> <p class='c'></p> </div> </div> <div class='post-header-line-1'></div> <div class='content'> <style>.fullpost{display:none;}</style> <p>Our subject is designing a beautiful interior illustration. I did it on big document in about 150 DPI so it can be easily printed. In this tutorial we'll walk through the basics of Photoshop effects and Masks.<br /><br />For begin we'll make basic forms and some of the effects and after we'll manipulate these forms sing transformation and distort tools that we have in Photoshop.<br /><br />So let's get going and start our tutorial by making a document with these dimensions. <br /><br /><img alt="designgin a beautiful interior illustration" id="id1793014610187461" src="http://www.eyesontutorials.com/images/Designing/Jeka/tut97_Beautiful_Interior_Illustration/1.jpg" style="width: 401px; height: 226px;" /><br /><br /><span class="fullpost"><br /><br />... and a new layer. <br /><br /><img alt="designgin a beautiful interior illustration" id="id10829189558571184" src="http://www.eyesontutorials.com/images/Designing/Jeka/tut97_Beautiful_Interior_Illustration/2.jpg" /><br /><br /> Grab Polygonal lasso tool and make a selection. Just basic form selection. <br /><br /><img alt="designgin a beautiful interior illustration" id="id6368745850337556" src="http://www.eyesontutorials.com/images/Designing/Jeka/tut97_Beautiful_Interior_Illustration/3.jpg" style="width: 400px; height: 214px;" /><br /><br /> Copy the selection into a separate layer. <br /><br /><img alt="designgin a beautiful interior illustration" id="id4228715391363763" pbshowpopbar="true" rel="lightbox" src="http://www.eyesontutorials.com/images/Designing/Jeka/tut97_Beautiful_Interior_Illustration/4.jpg" style="width: 401px; height: 337px;" /><span style="position: relative; left: 1px; top: -578px;"><div style="border-style: none; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; width: 649px; height: 20px; position: absolute; left: 4px; top: -10px; cursor: auto; text-align: center; font-family: Arial,Verdana,Sans-Serif; font-size: 8pt; background-color: transparent; color: rgb(255, 0, 0); z-index: 1;" id="popBoxDivText1">Click image to expand.</div></span><br /><br /><br /><br /><img alt="designgin a beautiful interior illustration" id="id4661592822966891" src="http://www.eyesontutorials.com/images/Designing/Jeka/tut97_Beautiful_Interior_Illustration/5.jpg" /><br /><br />I've also temporary applied satin layer effect so the layer could be better seen on white background. As you can see I've selected and copied to a separate layer another shape; this time thinner and smaller.<br /><br />So we got to have 3 layers and a background. <br /><br /><img alt="designgin a beautiful interior illustration" id="id9490706876578965" src="http://www.eyesontutorials.com/images/Designing/Jeka/tut97_Beautiful_Interior_Illustration/6.jpg" /><br /><br />I'm now beginning to color and apply some effects using layer styles. On this one. Here you can see all the effects already applied.<br /><br /><img alt="designgin a beautiful interior illustration" id="id8965819601987451" src="http://www.eyesontutorials.com/images/Designing/Jeka/tut97_Beautiful_Interior_Illustration/7.jpg" style="width: 401px; height: 450px;" /><br /><br />Now let's see these effects. Watch the Screenshots carefully because the satin and bevel angles, for example, should be precise to reach this kind of effect.<br /><br /><img alt="designgin a beautiful interior illustration" id="id13034193065469202" src="http://www.eyesontutorials.com/images/Designing/Jeka/tut97_Beautiful_Interior_Illustration/8.jpg" style="width: 401px; height: 292px;" /><br /><br /><br /><br /><img alt="designgin a beautiful interior illustration" id="id213240654694271" src="http://www.eyesontutorials.com/images/Designing/Jeka/tut97_Beautiful_Interior_Illustration/9.jpg" style="width: 401px; height: 292px;" /><br /><br /><br /><br /><img alt="designgin a beautiful interior illustration" id="id9525959113286391" src="http://www.eyesontutorials.com/images/Designing/Jeka/tut97_Beautiful_Interior_Illustration/10.jpg" style="width: 401px; height: 292px;" /><br /><br /><br /><br /><img alt="designgin a beautiful interior illustration" id="id7819177293380275" src="http://www.eyesontutorials.com/images/Designing/Jeka/tut97_Beautiful_Interior_Illustration/11.jpg" style="width: 401px; height: 292px;" /><br /><br /><br /><br /><img alt="designgin a beautiful interior illustration" id="id43953314363395246" src="http://www.eyesontutorials.com/images/Designing/Jeka/tut97_Beautiful_Interior_Illustration/12.jpg" style="width: 401px; height: 292px;" /><br /><br /> Now you've seen the result and I would like to apply a layer mask to have my object less solid. <br />SO tape Q to enter quick mask. Use a round black to white gradient on the layer mask. See my layer mask and the effect. <br /><br /><img alt="designgin a beautiful interior illustration" id="id44391209833345946" src="http://www.eyesontutorials.com/images/Designing/Jeka/tut97_Beautiful_Interior_Illustration/13.jpg" style="width: 401px; height: 436px;" /><br /><br /><br /><br /><img alt="designgin a beautiful interior illustration" id="id4628646661499831" src="http://www.eyesontutorials.com/images/Designing/Jeka/tut97_Beautiful_Interior_Illustration/14.jpg" style="width: 401px; height: 428px;" /><br /><br />The next and the final stem for this Part will be to create a layer right here. <br /><br /><img alt="designgin a beautiful interior illustration" id="id6382502955002958" src="http://www.eyesontutorials.com/images/Designing/Jeka/tut97_Beautiful_Interior_Illustration/15.jpg" /><br /><br />...and overlay it with this very gradient. <br /><br /><img alt="designgin a beautiful interior illustration" id="id9009703929073085" src="http://www.eyesontutorials.com/images/Designing/Jeka/tut97_Beautiful_Interior_Illustration/16.jpg" style="width: 400px; height: 457px;" /><br /><br /> <br /><br /><img alt="designgin a beautiful interior illustration" id="id921062629301845" src="http://www.eyesontutorials.com/images/Designing/Jeka/tut97_Beautiful_Interior_Illustration/16_.jpg" style="width: 401px; height: 182px;" /><br /><br /></span> <a href='http://blogerdesign.blogspot.com/2009/01/designing-beautiful-interior.html'><strong>ReadMore...</strong></a></p> </div> <div style='clear: both;'></div> <div class='bottom'></div> </div> </div> <!--Can't find substitution for tag [adEnd]--> </div> <div class='blog-pager' id='blog-pager'> <span id='blog-pager-newer-link'> <a class='blog-pager-newer-link' href='http://blogerdesign.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2009-01-08T19:40:00%2B07:00&max-results=10&reverse-paginate=true' id='Blog1_blog-pager-newer-link' title='Newer Posts'>Newer Posts</a> </span> <span id='blog-pager-older-link'> <a class='blog-pager-older-link' href='http://blogerdesign.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2009-01-03T00:18:00%2B07:00&max-results=10' id='Blog1_blog-pager-older-link' title='Older Posts'>Older Posts</a> </span> <a class='home-link' href='http://blogerdesign.blogspot.com/'>Home</a> </div> <div class='clear'></div> </div></div> </div> <!-- /content --> <div id='sidebar_right'> <div class='block right rss_search'> <div class='sidebar-right section' id='sidebar-right10'><div class='widget HTML' data-version='1' id='HTML1'> <h2 class='title'>TRANSLATE THIS BLOG</h2> <div class='widget-content'> <a style="cursor: pointer;" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" title="English" onclick="window.open('http://translate.google.com/translate?u='+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'&langpair=id%7Cen&hl=en'); 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