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Tax problem attorney


As a taxpayer, you accept rights...

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There is annihilation worse than accepting the Internal Revenue Service or accession demanding ascendancy such as the California Accompaniment Board of Equalization (SBE), the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), or the California Employment Development Department (EDD) block afterwards you. However, as a taxpayer, you accept rights, including the adapted to argue a tax lawyer.

We accept that ambidextrous with a tax problem, whether it is a tax analysis by the IRS, a California sales tax analysis by the Accompaniment Board of Equalization or a amount tax botheration with the Employment Development Department, can be a actual demanding experience. Therefore, our tax attorneys plan not alone to abbreviate the taxes our audience owe, but aswell to abate their accent by demography the weight of ambidextrous with the IRS on a circadian base off their shoulders.

There are abounding accomplished California tax attorneys and tax lawyers. A lot of of those tax attorneys handle tax planning. They can acquaint you how to a lot of calmly plan your diplomacy to lower your taxes, and how to anticipate tax problems from occurring. However, almost few tax attorneys are tax action lawyers, or tax altercation lawyers. Tax action attorneys represent audience who accept tax problems with the IRS or accompaniment demanding agencies. For example, if you or your aggregation undergoes a tax analysis a tax altercation advocate can represent you at that audit, or in any tax address from that tax audit. A tax action advocate can represent you in Tax Court, or any added adapted cloister which may cover the District Court, the Cloister of Federal Claims, or even the Bankruptcy Court. If you accept a tax botheration with a California tax bureau a tax action advocate can represent you in California Superior Cloister or afore the Employment Development Department, Franchise Tax Board, or Accompaniment Board of Equalization.

A tax altercation advocate can aswell represent you if you accept a tax accumulating problem, and would like an action in accommodation or an chapter acceding to pay your taxes. In accession a tax altercation advocate can represent you in a advanced ambit of tax problems including the abatement of tax penalties, in amendment administration actions, blameworthy burden actions, and in blameworthy acknowledgment suits. A tax altercation advocate can represent you if you are a tax able and become accountable to IRS administration affairs such as admonition accomplishments adjoin tax acknowledgment preparers or an declared abuse of Circular 230. In abbreviate if you accept a tax problem, a tax action advocate can advice you.

Tax Lawyers Group, A Able Law Corporation, is a arch tax law close apperception in all areas of tax and defalcation law.

We are committed to accouterment responsive, alone acknowledged account of the absolute superior to our audience in all areas of taxation law including representation afore the Internal Revenue Service, Employment Development Department (EDD), State Board of Equalization (SBE), Franchise Tax Board (FTB) for Tax Audits, Action In Compromise, Bank and Wage Seizures & Levy, Tax Liens, Tax Appeals, Tax Court Litigation, Bent Tax, 941 & 940 Payroll or Employment Tax, Trust Fund Taxes, Bankruptcy, Business Formation, and Acreage Planning.
Since its establishment, Tax Lawyers Group, APC, has provided all our audience the accomplished quality, alone acknowledged service. Tax Lawyers Group's arrangement of able agents includes tax attorneys from some of the best tax law firms in the country, above IRS Revenue Agents, above interns to U.S. Defalcation Court Judges, and acclimatized tax advocate and Certified Public Accountants. Through our accumulated abundance of apprenticeship and acquaintance we accept that we are able to action our audience the a lot of dynamic, complete acknowledged admonition incomparable by our peers.

We acceptable you to browse through the advice on our web site. In it, you will acquisition answers to some of the questions you may accept apropos your tax botheration as able-bodied as advice for business planning and acreage planning. We acceptable any added inquiries you may accept apropos your tax situation. Feel chargeless to acquaintance us by blast or by commutual the online anatomy on the acquaintance us page. We will acknowledge to all accordant inquiries after any obligation.

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