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Blog layout design


Having a blog is the last trend on the web. Your blog to be popular is even trendier. Therefore with this tutorial you will learn how to make a unique, colorful and at the same simple blog layout using Adobe Photoshop. Simple and clean are the two most valuable characteristics of a template. The picture I use is this.

Blog Template

Step 1

Open a new document 500x200 pixel, with black background. Open the image and drag it to the new document. Ctrl+ Right Click and Merge Layers.

Blog Template

Step 2

Now open a new layer (Layer->Layer Style).With your Rectangular Marquee Tool draw a rectangular at the bottom of the flower. Fill it with white and set the opacity to 20%.

Blog Template

Add text. The color you should use is #7e9239.Ctrl+ Right Click and Merge Layers.

Blog Template

Step 3

Open a new document 550x600 pixel with white background. Drag the header and place in the middle in the upper part. Above add some text and use the same color as in the header.

Blog Template

Step 4

Make a new document 500x7 pixel. Fill it with #36541e. Open another document 400x7 pixel and fill it with #7e9239. And another but 300x7 pixel and fill it with #adb47d. Place them like this.

Blog Template

The final result should be this.

Blog Template

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