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Program TUtorials : Paint Shop Pro


This tutorial will help you create a basic round glass ornament, just in time for the holidays.

1. Begin by creating a new image in the dimensions you want. Be sure to click Raster Background and Transparent.

2. Activate the Ellipse Tool (Q) and choose a background color you want your ornament to be. Draw a vector circle and center it vertically on your layout using the Object Selection Tool (O).

3. Duplicate the vector circle onto a new layer by right-clicking on the layer containing the circle and choosing Duplicate.

4. Expand the layer containing the duplicated circle by clicking the plus sign located on the left side of the layer.

5. You should now see the sub-layer containing the vector circle.

6. Double-click the sub-layer containing the duplicated circle (be sure you click the sub-layer and not the Vector layer). Once you double-click the sub-layer containing the circle, you should see the following window:

7. Click the fill block on the bottom and choose the Gradient tab. Choose the black-white gradient. Enter 180 for the Angle, Repeats = 0, check Invert, Linear style. Click OK.

8. The duplicated circle should now have changed to the black-white gradient.

9. Change the blend mode for the black-white gradient to Hard Light (try experimenting with different blend modes for various looks).

10. Your ornament should now look like this:

11. Let’s give the ornament a shinier glass look. Create a selection by activating the Object Selection tool (O) and Ctrl+Shift+B. Your circle should now have marching ants surrounding it.

12. Create a new Raster layer (Layers > New Raster Layer > OK).
13. Expand the selection by clicking Selections > Modify > Expand. Expand the selection by 2 pixels. Click OK. The marching ants should now be on the outside of your circle.

14. Create a shiny glass look by clicking on Effects > Artistic Effects > Balls and Bubbles. On the Shape tab, choose the Single ball or bubble and check Maximum possible size.

15. Click the Illumination tab and fill in with the following settings:

16. Click OK. Change the blend mode for this layer to Overlay. You should now have a shinier surface on your ornament.

17. Click on the layer containing your original circle. Then using the Magic Wand tool, click on the outside of the circle, selecting the area surrounding the circle.

18. Click the layer containing the glassy bubble and hit the delete key on your keyboard. Merge visible layers (Layers > Merge > Merge Visible).

19. At this point, you could save the image as a PNG file and use it as is. Or, you can create the metal hanging cap.
20. Choose the Rectangle tool (G). For the background color, choose the Metal steel gradient, linear style, angle = 90, check Invert. Click OK.

21. Draw a small rectangle at the top of the ornament and center it vertically using the Object Selection tool (O).

22. Convert the rectangle into a raster (Layers > Convert to Raster Layer). Apply an inner bevel with the following settings and click OK.

23. Your ornament should now have a metallic cap on top.

24. Create a hanging loop by using the Ellipse tool (Q) and drawing a thin ellipse using the same Metal steel gradient as your stroke color. Move the layer containing the loop below the cap so that it sits behind the cap.

25. Apply an inner bevel to the loop and click OK.

26. Merge all visible layers and save as a PNG file. Your ornament is now ready for “hanging!”

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