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Clean Text


1. First, actualize an angel about 300 x 100 pixels, and 72 pixels/inch. Baddest a beginning colour of #CACACA, and ample the image, to accomplish the accomplishments this colour.

When you've abounding the background, again baddest your argument tool, and add the argument you wish to add, accomplish the colour of the argument abutting to #3F3F3F A darker grey. Once done, you should accept something agnate to the angel below.

2. OK, now we can add the shadow. It is as simple as abacus a band effect, and can appear in actual usefull for added things too. Go to Blending Options (Right-click on argument layer).

Use the options below, to get the effect. You can consistently play about a little with these, if it does not suit. (The colour acclimated for the adumbration is #8A8A8A)

So already you accept that, just bang OK, and you should get your final result. It's as simple as that!

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