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Creating Old-looking Images



First at all, accept a picture:

We're traveling to plan with one from Virgin-stock, one of my favorites in DA. We afflicted the size, creating a "zoom" in the face.


We administer actuality Filter > Noise > Dust & Scratches using: Radious: 4 pixels and Threshold: 0

This will advice to camouflage the image's pixelation.


Making a archetype of this layer, we advance to administer a blur: Filter > Becloud > Gaussian becloud ... Application 15 pixels. Ok, now bang and add a affectation to the layer. Application the adorable acclivity apparatus accomplish a acclivity in the affectation like the angel in the left.


This is the aftereffect of absorb both layers.


Now beat in this figure in the layers palette, baddest Hue/Saturation and use this values: Hue: 38 Saturation: 22 Lightness: 0 be abiding you analysis the "Colorize" option. Now the angel will attending like the angel in the left.


Open a arrangement angel from zombie-stock, archetype (Ctrl+C) and adhesive it (Ctrl+V) into a new band and set this one to Multiply.


I bang afresh and accept Brightness/Contrast, using: Brightness: -16 and Contrast: +15.


Well... I use a alike from the aboriginal layer, change the colors application Curves and Selective Color (From the Angel > Adjustment menu) and set the band to Soft light...


...And add a brace of little bleared white circles in the eyes, in a new band in Overlay mode.


Now, save the angel scratchtexture.jpg (in the left), accessible it, baddest all and hit Edit > Define Pattern


Fill a new band with it, and set this one to Soft light. Add a bound and that's finished! An old and admirable picture.

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