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iMac Text


1. Type some text. I used: TG application the chantry "Lucida console" the chantry blush doesnt amount so just aces one.

2. Now go to Blending Options (Right-click on argument layer).

Select (and modify) the following:

Dropshadow, blush to #4B6B95

Innershadow, blush to #304B98

Outerglow, blush to #44CAFE

Innerglow, blush to #314E9A

Bevel and emboss

Contour, now just bifold bang on the little box and you'll see something like this:

3. Create 2 added credibility to accept a absolute of 4 credibility and accord them the afterward input-output values:

point 1: input: 0% output: 0%

point 2: input: 27% output: 4%

point 3: input: 59% output: 56%

point 4: input: 100% output: 99%

You'll see something like this:

4. Baddest satin, change the blush to #60ACFF and change the curve to "ring".

And assuredly baddest blush bury and change the blush to #B7E1F7.

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