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E3: Final Fantasy XIV Online Announced for the PlayStation 3 and PC


Online games are among the most profitable genres of videogames on the market as they can squeeze profit from their loyal fans by using a big number of ways, from subscription fees to unique content or items.

That is why when Square Enix revealed a few years ago Final Fantasy XI Online, the first MMO take on a Final Fantasy game from the company, it became extremely popular. Recently, the Japanese company, in order to heal Sony's wounds after revealing that Final Fantasy XIII would be coming to both its PS3 and its archrival the Xbox 360, revealed Final Fantasy XIV Online.

But even though it will be console exclusive for the PlayStation 3, the online game will also appear on the PC, in order to bank in on the massive number of MMO players using that platform for their online gaming needs.

Set in the magical realm of Eorzea, Final Fantasy XIV promises to take players on a truly spectacular journey, some adventures and quests in order to transform them into heroes. Sadly, no concrete information about gameplay, story or other such things has been offered but the game has already been pegged for a worldwide release in 2010, and it will come with language support for Japanese, English, French and German players, guaranteeing a large fan base.

Out of the staff that is working on the game we find the producer of Final Fantasy XI Hiromichi Tanaka, as well as the director of the same title, Nobuaki Komoto. The art of the game will be handled by Final Fantasy XII Art director Akihiko Yoshida.

Overall, Final Fantasy XIV seems to be a very interesting take on the online JRPG genre, one which, if we take into account the large popularity that its MMO predecessor FF XI has been enjoying, will go on to be a best seller.

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