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How TO Animate a Butterfly?


Hi friends,

Today we are getting into animation. Actually if you have a little idea about coordinating different utilities available in 3ds Max, animation is very much easy.

We are going to animate a cute butterfly using wire parameters available in 3ds Max, But first we will model the Butterfly, its very easy let me show you how…

  1. Create a plane for the butterfly wing and adjust the Pivot point of the plane from Hierarchy> Affect pivot only like I shown below

  1. We will apply the texture using opacity mapping. I think you will be knowing that

  1. Mirror your Butterfly wing from Tools>Mirror and create a body for your Butterfly thing using Lathe or any other idea u like (I used lathing)

  1. Now comes the animation part, Enable the Auto key, change time slider to 10 frame and rotate the left wing slightly downwards

  1. Now we are going to loop the animation, see the picture below. Enable the Curve Editor from Graph editors> Curve Editor, select all the keys from the Graph, go to Parameter Curve Out-of-range type and enable the two buttons of Ping Pong

  1. Now you can see the Butterfly fluttering only one wing, we had to create the same animation for the second wing also. Let me show you how… Enable the Parameter Wire Dialogue from Animation>Wire Parameters.

  1. In the window select the ‘Y’ Rotation Parameter for each Wing you created, you can find it in the Object list available in the left and right panels. And then click the “Arrow” marks in the Middle of the panel and click “Connect”. Wow!!! Your Butterfly is Fluttering its wing… Is that EASY?

Note: if its not working try to use the other two Arrows available there


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