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Snowy Cartoon Landscape Part 1


Snowy Cartoon LandscapeThis tutorial will show what you can do to previous Cartoon Landscape tutorial. In this tutorial you will learn to add snow effect using material and also create falling snow using Particle Flow. Because this is cartoon style scene, I also create another type of falling snow. Instead of using ordinary snow shape, I will use snowflake image as particle. As you can see later, this scene will be very interesting to put in cartoon fantasy movie like.

Image below show what you can learn from this tutorial

1.First, you need to download scene used in this tutorial here. Use 3ds Max 8 or up to open. If you interested, you can read how to create this scene in Cartoon Landscape tutorial. Image below shows camera view from this scene.

2. First thing to do: Creating snow material. Open Material Editor. There's a Multi/Sub-Object material applied to the scene. Click 'leaves' material. Then click Standard button and change into Composite material. Click OK to keep 'leaves' material as sub-material. Composite is a type of 'layered' material. In case of snow, you can create snow material on top of base material ('leaves' material).

In Composite Basic Parameters, click None button right next to Mat 1. Choose Standard material. This will be our snow material.

In Blinn Basic Parameters, change Diffuse color to white.

3. Scroll down to Maps rollout. We need to specify how much snow covering the base material. Click None button right next to Opacity. In Material/Map Browser window choose Falloff.

4. In Falloff Parameters rollout, switch color between black and white. Use Falloff type=Towards/Away and Falloff Direction=World Z-Axis. In material preview, you should see white color only appear on top.

5. Scroll down and open Output rollout. Activate Clamp and Enable Color Map. Clamp will make material seems brighter. Meanwhile Color Map controls how much snow covering the base material. After you activate Color Map, move leftmost point in graph to -1. Notice the changes in material preview.

6. Click Go to Parent button to go back to Maps rollout. To make more realistic, click None button right next to Bump and choose Smoke. Use Smoke Size=30.

7. Image below shows rendered result so far

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