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3D shining text


Final image

Step 1

Tipe new text layer.

Step 2

Rasterize layer and with selected parts of text and free transform tool conect leters.

Step 3

Duplicate layer.

Step 4

To duplicated layer give stroke.

Step 5

First layer who's now inside of second layer, select and trim second layer.

Step 6

Delete first layer. now we use only duplicated (second) layer.

To second layer give Gradient Overlay like in picture.

Step 7

Duplicate layer and give him vertical transformation.

Step 8

Then select both layers and tranform them with Perspective Transformation.

Step 9

Duplicate them and merge them togheter. then color them and move just a little in front off.

Step 10

Open new layer and start to drawing lighting effects.. Use Pen Tool.

Step 11

Color layer.

Step 12

With Eraser Tool erase some part of light.

Step 13

Then give Lighten effect.

Step 14

Open new layer as background, color him, put him behind and give Gradient Overlay like in picture.

Step 15


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