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Tutorials and Guides for DVD to 3GP Converter


How to use DVD to 3GP Converter

Sothink DVD to 3GP Converter, a powerful and easy-to-use 3GP converter for you to convert DVD to 3GP video, work with almost all popular types of mobiles . It can convert faster and produce better picture quality than other DVD to 3GP converters. Sothink DVD to 3GP Converter enables you to select and remove the clips, extras, subtitles freely, and adjust audio volume with ease by gain control. AAC (advanced audio coding) is supported when you rip DVD to 3GP, this can help you get better audio quality on mobile.

Step 1 Select Source DVD

Insert the DVD disk into your DVD-ROM, and choose "Select Source DVD drive".
If you have more than one DVD drive, make sure which one has got the DVD disk and you have selected the right one.

If the DVD movie is stored in the hard drive, choose "Select DVD folder from hard disk drive".
You should manually specify the DVD folder in the window beneath which show the file system of your computer.

Click "Next" to load the DVD movie.

Step 2 Select Movies to Convert

In the dialog of this step you can see a list of all the movies included in the DVD disk.

  • Choose movies

    Normally, a DVD contains a main movie and several extra movies. And a movie consists of one video, several audios and the relating subtitles. You can see the detailed information of a movie in the list, including the movie's duration, the audio and subtitle's language, the format and number of channels of the audio. When you select one movie, the software will select the video track, one audio and the corresponding subtitle for you by default.

    Select "None" for "Audio Track" or "Subtitle" to remove the audio or the subtitle of a movie.
    Uncheck the "Video Track" and check one "Audio Track", you can get an AVI formatted audio with no picture.

  • Create movies separately

    Check this selection: "Convert the movies and save the created files repectively", then the movies will be processed separately. If the box is unchecked, then all the selected movies will be converted and saved as one file.

Step 3 Specify the Settings

Output Directory

Select a path that you want to save the created 3GPP/3GPP2 files. Each output file will be automatically named by the program.

File format


There are two formats of 3G video file: 3GPP and 3GPP2. 3GPP uses ".3gp" as file extension, and 3GPP2 uses ".3g2". Generally, you can select 3GPP as the output format to avoid compatibility problems.

Audio Settings

Specify the audio and video settings for the conversion.

    • Audio format

      AMR-NB - This is the most compatible audio encoding format, and it can be supported by all mobile phones. AMR-NB formatted audio has lower requirements for mobile hardware. But its quality is not satisfying. The sample rate is fixed to 8K Hz, the audio bit rate can not be higher than 12.2K bps, and and stereo (2 channels) is not supported.

      AAC-LC - AAC-LC formatted audio has better quality, as you can choose higher sample rate, bit rate, and stereo channel. But some mobiles of former types might not support this format. You can check the manual of your mobile to see if it supports AAC-LC encoded audio.

      Please set the Audio format, and the relating sample rate, bit rate, channel according to your mobile's capability.

    • Gain

      Gain: You can adjust the audio volume by dragging the gain slider. The range is from -5.0 to 30.0db. Please note that if the gain is too high, the audio may get distortion.

Video Settings

  • [Dimension]:

    There are 3 different dimensions available - 128 x 96, 176 x 144 and 352 x 288. Please make sure the dimension does not exceed the resolution limit of your mobile when setting it. For example, the resolution of Nokia 2855 is 160 x 128, so you can only select 128 x 96. The resolution of Sony Ericsson W810C is 176 x 220, thus you can choose 128 x 96 or 176 x 144. Certainly, you'd better choose 176 x 144 for better quality.

  • [Bit rate]:

    Choose higher bit rate to get better video quality. Some mobiles may not support high bit rate videos or would have unsynchronization problem during playback, so please set the bit rate carefully.

  • [Frame rate]:

    Most of the mobiles support 15fps video playback. Some high-end mobile phones even support 30fps video playback. However, You can select "Do not change" to let Sothink 3GP Video Converter keep the frame rate of the original video to get the best video quality.

Conversion Process
  • Status

    During the conversion process, the program will show the detailed conversion status, including:

    • File - file path and name.
    • Estimated time - the overall estimated time that the conversion would take.
    • Elapsed time
    • Time Left
    • Progress - the finished percentage of the conversion.
  • Post-processing Options

    The program will show the detailed conversion information to you, including the Estimated Overall Time, Time Left, etc.
    And there are two operations you can choose to let the program do after the conversion:

    "Play a sound when conversion is finished" - Let the program tell you that the conversion is done by playing a sound.

    "Shut down the computer after all tasks are finished" - Let the program automatically shut down your computer after all tasks are done.

Conversion Result

When the conversion is finished, the program would give a result summary, which shows the number of total source files, successfully converted files, and failed files. Click "Open Folder" to open the folder where the created video files are saved.

Click "Finish" to back to beginning panel, you can continue to convert other DVD.
Click "Exit" to quit the program.

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