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How To Play 3GP Files


Most people out there heard about 3GP files but the truth is that few really know how to play this format and when faced with the need to watch 3GP they do not know what to do. That is when tutorials are researched and we try to learn how to do it. Let us see what we are dealing with and this will be the only tutorial you will ever need on playing 3GP files.

3GP is a file format that is a container for video and audio streams. It basically stores streams of video and audio in one file with the extension: .3GP. The video inside the container is usually MPEG-4 Part 2 at H.264 or H.263. The audio stream is usually AAC or AMR. In most situations 3GP files will be found on mobile phones as it is a popular file format to record video.

How to Play 3GP Files on your Personal Computer

Generally speaking, if you want to play video files you will have to use software that is capable of splitting the file and decode it. We are talking about the audio and video streams. You should know that 3GP files can even be played in Windows Media Player but you will have to hold the right software to read and decode the format. The good news is that there is software capable of playing 3GP files and we will now look at options that you have.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is one software that is constantly gaining popularity. We can say that it is actually the easiest way to handle your file playback needs. You need to know that this software does offer support for 3GP. The problem is that it does not feature the needed software that will decode audio AMR. If the 3GP file comes with an audio stream in AAC it will play it. Download VLC Media Player HERE - FREE!

All you will need to do next is go to File and then Open File. Browse to th location where your 3GP file is stored and just click on OK. VLC Media Player will then start to play the file you want.

Haali Media Splitter

Few people have actually heard of this freeware software. You can use it in a connection with DirectShow Players and 3GP video. This software is basically used in order to split AVI, MP4 and MKV. You need to know that this program also goes under the name of Haali Matroska Splitter due to the focus on MKV files. Remember that we are basically talking about a decoder and not an actual player. Download Haali Media Splitter HERE - FREE!

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is basically a DirectShow player. It is capable to play most 3GP files but will need extra software in order to achieve this. You can use FDDShow and Haali Media Splitter for this.

3GP Files Playback in DirectShow

Once you are capable of splitting 3GP files you should be able to play them as well by using a DirectShow player. The most common example stands in Windows Media Player or Media Player Classic. There is a big chance you have at least one of them installed on your personal computer.How To Play 3GP Files

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