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Use Motion Guide to drive a car


Step 1: Create a new document and press Ctrl-J to open Document Properties dialog, set your document to 450px width and 192px height to fit with the road image


Next you will need to find two images car and road or use the images below





(A cute image, right?)

Step 2: Go to File>Import>Import to Library and select these images from the dialog. Press Ctrl-L to open up the Library panel if you don't see it


Step 3: Place the road image on Layer 1 (the image has the same dimensions as your document), rename this layer Road. Create a new layer and place your car on the right hand side of the road image


Step 4: Use the Free Transform Tool(Q) to rotate our car to fit with the road


Step 5: Create a new Motion Guide layer and use the Pen Tool(P) to draw a path like this (its color is not important)


Step 6: Click on frame 45 and press F6 to place a keyframe there, repeat this step with car and road layers


Step 7: Click on the frame 45 of the Car layer and move our car to the left hand side of the road. Use the Free Transform Tool to rotate our car a bit


Step 8: Right click on any frame between 0 and 45 of the car layer and select Create Motion Tween. Now you can press Ctrl-Enter to test your result. Notice that you will see our car moving along the path but its direction is not correct

Click on frame 4 of Car layer and press F6 to place a keyframe here, then select the Free Transform Tool to rotate it a bit


Repeat this step with some other frames. You can see my process below




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