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Perspective Text


1. First let's actualize some text. Here we acclimated Impact.

2. Then we wish to about-face this argument into a shape. This will acquiesce us to transform its appearance in any way we want. We can skew it and accord it perspective. To do this go Layer > Type > Convert to Shape. After this is done, we will no best accept the adeptness to adapt the text. So accomplish abiding you accept your argument the way you wish it afore you do this.

Above is what your canvas will attending like if you accept adapted the argument into a shape.

Next we are traveling to transform it. Go Edit -> Transform -> Perspective. Grab either the top or the basal larboard corners of the transformation box. Pull the handle on the bend up or down depending on which bend you chose. This will administer a angle transformation to the argument shape.

Now that this is done, we will charge to rasterize the appearance in adjustment to abolish the appearance path. Go Layer -> Rasterize -> Shape. This will actualize a absolutely rasterized image.

Notice how apple-pie and brittle the argument is afterwards accomplishing this. If we were to rasterize the blazon afore we adapted it, we would end up with a down-covered edge. By aboriginal transforming our argument into a agent shape, we anticipate this from happening.

This is a abundant little ambush that you will apparently acquisition use for at some point. It alone takes a additional to do, but it makes a abundant bigger final artefact if you transform the appearance aboriginal rather that rasterizing and again transforming.

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