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Text Shadow


1. Open a new document. (The admeasurement I acclimated is 500x100) Now blazon some text, doesn't absolutely amount what. (I acclimated Arial Black 36pt)

2. Now hit CTRL + A(=select all), CTRL + C(=copy) and again CTRL + V(=paste). You accept now affected the layer. Move the new band absolutely aloft the aboriginal argument layer.

Hit CTRL + T(=transform) and bang the appropriate abrasion button, baddest "flip vertical". Now move the band down by boring it or application the arrow keys.

3. Hit CTRL + T afresh and now baddest "Perspective". Move the lower appropriate box to the right.

You should now accept something like this:

4. Now artlessly go to the layers window and lower the caliginosity of the "reflection layer" to whatever you want. (I acclimated 25%)

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